expected product launch: early 2020
Ioniq's Thinktank Ioniq's Thinktank Ioniq's Thinktank

We are looking for talents to join our exciting journey in innovating and disrupting the skin care market

We want you to feel good in your own skin so we bring together your skills with our challenges.

Our goal is nothing less than climbing on top of the mountain! We know our path and have the right shoes on, but are searching for the right souls that join our magnetizing journey!


We are revolutionizing the skin care market. It’s like when Sally meets Harry, but for us it is beauty meets tech… We will change the future of skin care applications to make it more fun, easy and convenient to care for your skin.

OUR priority?

Change the future of skin care.
Make people feel good!


Bright minds with bright ideas. We always act outside the box, are you too? We come from completely different backgrounds. Lived across different countries as Germany, America, England, Japan, Denmark and Spain. Our skills and mindset united will get us on top of the mountain.

We roll up our sleeves and work hard, BUT a good joke here and there keeps our spirit up!



Don’t wait, grab your chance. Bring in your ideas that bring us to the next level. Whether founding an incubator or applying for a space shuttle flight to see how IONIQ works in zero gravity - no idea is too big or too crazy.

Set high standards

We are working on the most exposed part of the human body: the skin. So no excuses!

how we grow
how we grow

EXPLORE and Learn

Experiment, try new things and grow with every opportunity. We are constantly growing by our tasks and challenges. Remember how your learned to ride the bicycle? It was exciting and new, but also painful. But now you know how it works. Next challenge, go out and learn to ride a skateboard…


We want to share our experiences with the world. So go out there and shout it out. We love what we are doing, what we are learning and to be part of a game-changing idea. Share your enthusiasm, your beliefs and your pride at anytime –We don’t distinguish between stranger on the street or the big keynote stage.

Sharing experiences
Sharing experiences
EXPLORE and Learn
EXPLORE and Learn
Constantly growing by our tasks and challenges
We love what we are doing


We are creating completely new pathways – internally and externally. We’ve made mistakes and learned from them. This is why we can and should help others in the same situation. We like to share our know-how, discuss new approaches and get inspired by other ideas. Because true innovation does not happen behind closed doors.

We are growing quickly,
So can you.
Join our
Beauty meets Tech team