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Woman using IONIQ ONE Sprayer with self tan spray

My body gets a natural, even self-tan. I get beach-ready at home.

The IONIQ ONE Sprayer distributes self-tanner evenly all over the skin. The result? A perfect tan without harmful UV radiation.

I can get the perfect holiday glow – in just 3 minutes.

Woman getting a natural self tan using the IONIQ ONE Sprayer on her left thigh Woman getting a natural self tan using the IONIQ ONE Sprayer on her left thigh

Streaks? Not my style.

Using the IONIQ ONE Sprayer, the high-quality IONIQ TAN is automatically distributed all over the body. This creates a natural-looking tan – without any streaks or yellow tints. Plus, stained hands are finally a thing of the past.

Salon like home tanning set up with IONIQ ONE Sprayer and TAN products Salon like home tanning set up with IONIQ ONE Sprayer and TAN products

Professional results in the comfort of my home.

The IONIQ ONE Sprayer magnetically directs the droplets around the body, even reaching the back. No rubbing in needed. For results, you'd expect from a spray-tan-salon.

Woman with a natural self tan Woman with a natural self tan

Quick to apply for a long-lasting effect, I can rely on.

Conventional self-tanners are usually water-based and quickly lose their effect. IONIQ TAN is an oil-based formulation, nourishing the skin with valuable ingredients and providing a natural tan in just 3 minutes.

IONIQ TAN before and after comparison

Our self-tanner is available in Medium and Dark tanning levels.

Choose your personal IONIQ TAN product with our simulator

Select your skin tone and your desired tanning level

Your skin tone
Result with TAN

Select your skin tone in daylight. The result of the simulation is based on our research.

Try IONIQ ONE + TAN Medium easily and securely at home and benefit from the 30-day money-back guarantee.

Select your skin tone in daylight. The result of the simulation is based on our research.

Dr. Julia Mader zu TAN

Dr. Julia Mader

Cosmetic scientist

"The IONIQ ONE plus TAN allows me to have a healthy complexion without risking the effects of UV radiation. TAN thus combines tanning and care in one, and completely avoids mineral oil-based ingredients. Even my very fair skin is evenly tanned after application."


IONIQ TAN is a premium vegan self-tanner

Premium skincare: free of mineral oil
silicone, parabens and sulphates.

Scientifically developed,
and dermatologically tested.

100% vegan and cruelty-free.
Moisturising and scented.

Beauty influencers say:
this is groundbreaking self tanning.

Evenly tanned laurencrowe88



“Getting my tan back”

Natural tanning



“Absolute holiday must have! This is hands down the most incredible tan I’ve ever used, so easy to apply and so natural. It’s like travelling with your own spray tan booth ❤️”

Fake Tan in the bathroom



“Planning on staying bronze all winter long using @ioniq_skincare”

Customers love IONIQ TAN.


“After first application, the tanning effect of the product is astonishingly good. I did not expect it to work so well after a single use - you look like you've just been on holiday.”


“Absolutely loving this device and especially the TAN and BODY cream... I had bad experiences with fake tan in the past but this one is perfect! It spreads so evenly and with a very natural bronze tone... ”

Grace A.

“I promptly ordered a new cartridge as soon as the tanning effect diminished because I immediately missed it.”


“Once you have the hang of it, the tanning process is easy and fast. I have left the tanning to work overnight. The color result is very even and nice and natural. In the summer when temperatures are hot,...”


“Once my first cartridge was empty and I became white again, I noticed, that I already miss it pretty much and immediately repurchased.”

Any questions?

Find the answers in our FAQs or get in touch with our IONIQ skincare experts.

How long does a TAN cartridge last?

A TAN cartridge will generally allow roughly 3 whole-body applications. The IONIQ Skincare app helps you determine the right quantity for your body. The "Guided Spraying" function in the Connect area allows you to enter your height and weight and will calculate a personalised spray time for each area of your body. Once you connect the sprayer, you can tell whether a partially used cartridge contains enough for an application by checking the fill level on the dashboard in the app. Each application requires at least 30 ml.

What do I need to consider when applying IONIQ TAN?

  1. Before the application, the skin should be exfoliated with a shower scrub and then dried. The IONIQ Skincare app calculates the ideal spraying time needed to give each body part an even application. During the application, you should maintain a distance of approximately 20 centimetres between the IONIQ ONE Sprayer and your skin. There is no need to rub it in with your hands
  2. After the TAN has absorbed completely into the skin, you can put your clothes back on around 10 minutes later. The overall tan will take 6 to 8 hours to develop and remain on the skin for 7–9 days.
  3. After application, the sprayer should be cleaned with the included CLEAN cartridge.

Learn more about application.

What are the advantages of the IONIQ TAN application process?

The IONIQ TAN application process enables a streak-free and all-round perfect result. Spraying takes an average of 3 minutes and the tan lasts around 7–9 days on the skin. The moisturising and nourishing formula has a wonderful scent and leaves the skin feeling smooth to the touch.

Can I test IONIQ products?

Try IONIQ ONE for 30 days without obligation. If you are not satisfied, simply return the device to us and we will refund the full purchase price. The promotion applies to an IONIQ ONE sprayer, the enclosed CLEAN cleaning cartridge and a cosmetic product of your choice. Other cosmetic products can only be returned if they have not been opened.

Learn more about our money-back-guarantee.

How are the skincare products produced?

All IONIQ Skincare products are carefully checked and produced by our premium partners in Switzerland. The production process is 100% cruelty-free, which means all IONIQ products are vegan. IONIQ Skincare is tested for safety and efficacy by independent partners. The formulation has been specially developed for our patented Magnetic Skin Technology and is extremely effective when used in combination with the IONIQ ONE.

Learn more about skincare.

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Self-tanner that lasts longer and smells better.
Try TAN now.

Long-lasting and moisturising formulation.

Streak-free, natural tan. Spray the whole body in just 3 minutes.

No rubbing in necessary. Your palms stay clean.

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