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Magnetic Skin Technology

Discover the IONIQ ONE masterpiece

Our patented Magnetic Skin Technology is based on the attraction between skin and moisture. Our special SkinCare products are transformed by the handheld delivery system into tiny, negatively-charged droplets. These are attracted to the amazing natural positivity of your skin, covering every millimeter of your body – giving you better coverage than ever before. 

The result is incredibly flawless and streak-free spraying of sunscreen and other SkinCare products all over your body – even on your back. Application is faster and more even, with no rubbing in required whatsoever.

And now you can take your IONIQ ONE experience to the next level with our app, enabling you to enjoy the full experience of your new SkinRoutine. It's your personal SkinCare advisor.

IONIQ ONE. Go beyond SkinCare.

SkinCare like you’ve never experienced before

With IONIQ ONE, we‘ve developed a unique beauty tech device with ground-breaking ion tech features, opening up a new world of beauty innovation.

IONIQ ONE uses some of the most innovative technology ever seen in the SkinCare industry, changing the way you feel about your skin forever.

Our high-tech smart sprayer will turn your daily beauty regime into the most convenient, efficient and innovative SkinCare experience you've ever had.

One Sprayer. Multiple opportunities



Never get sticky hands again

Feel safe and enjoy our reliable sun protection formula that covers your whole body; no need to rub it in by hand or wait for the product to be absorbed.


Soft skin in seconds

Noticeably softer skin in less than 60 seconds. Be able to reach and care for every inch of your skin quickly, easily and without any help.


Spray your back all by yourself

We bring the tanning salon to your home. The first "Do-It-Yourself" self-tanner that gives you a streak-free, natural tan all over your body.

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