Treat your skin touch-free and without sticky hands.

Had enough of sticky hands?

Discover IONIQ ONE.






With magnetic attraction, IONIQ SkinCare only settles where it's supposed to - on your skin. No hands needed.




With one touch of a button you can make your skin the absolute best it's ever been - on all levels. Take your SkinCare to the next level and treat yourself to the SkinTech of attraction.





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Ground-breaking SkinTech is one thing – but it's only really mind-blowing when the SkinCare itself is best in class. And that's what all our cosmetics are, of course.

Are they vegan too? Of course, what else?


Get a spotless and even tan everyone will be complimenting you all year round for, “Baby, you look stunning!"

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Smoothing and transparent sun screen to protect safely without any white streaks. Feel the best sunkiss you’ve ever had!

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Deeper hydration to beautify your skin to the fullest. Oh, you are going to love this!

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To give you the best SkinCare, we've developed IONIQ ONE – and we've been doing it for years. The SkinTech of the future is here, and it's defying all expectations & and previous SkinCare laws. Whether from a technological or cosmetic perspective. Check it out yourself and discover IONIQ ONE.