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Moisturising tanning spray for a radiant, flawlessly even and naturally tanned look. For medium and dark skin tones.

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Perfect glow without harmful UV exposure

Gradual, golden tan within minutes

Radiant all-over effects

Won’t leave your Skin Feeling sticky

Made in Switzerland, our Spray Tan is a fragrant tanning lotion that is automatically attracted to your skin and distributes evenly over your entire body, thanks to our Magnetic Skin Technology©.

Your IONIQ ONE gently dispenses the spray tan evenly over your skin, with no more worrying about stains, smears or an unnatural look! What’s more, your golden tan builds up gradually and evenly for a natural look. Goodbye orange fake tan! The perfect finish is provided by deeply nourishing and moisturising ingredients that leave your skin feeling silky soft. No one will notice any fake tan, just your polished and radiant glow!

Get the world's first full body self-service spraying device.






After first application, the tanning effect of the product is astonishingly good. I did not expect it to work so well after a single use - you look like you’ve just been on holiday.

Gives a very intense tan; you feel like you’ve just been away on holiday! Even distribution, good sun-kissed colour intensity, no discoloration on the clothes, long-lasting.

Very easy to use with good results. Will buy again.