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Beauty goes much deeper than the surface, but always reflects In it!

feel good in your own skin…


The skin its outer layer, the epidermis, has a tough role and acts like a shield around our body. Our skin works hard to protect us from everyday strains as cold, heat, UV radiation, germs, toxics and other harmful risks from the outside world.

The bottom of the epidermis constantly builds up news skin cells around all four weeks. Within this period the new cells travel up and build a new layer of skin. The very top of the epidermis consist of dead skin cells that then flake off and being replaced. Yet, this very top layer has crucial functions for the immune system and protecting the body and helping to keep moisture trapped inside.

If this upper barrier is compromised the skin its main ability to protect our body from harmful outer world influences is highly at risk. The top layer of the skin is also the first to be exposed to damages. That is why we have to care for our skin and protect it, every single day.


Water is absolutely fundamental for the function of the skin and foremost the outer layer. If the water evaporates too quickly or the skin barrier is broken, the upper skin layer dehydrates.

In order to maintain and build up the skin barrier it is important to retain moist in the skin and hydrate even the deeper epidermal layer where the water originates. In the process, the water moves up and hydrates the cells in the top layer, which keeps the skin smooth, strong and healthy. Use skincare products that suit your skin type and protect your skin from the strains of everyday life.

When it comes to skincare sun protection is still the key to a healthy skin. Make it a habit to protect the skin from the sun all year round. It not only protects the skin from premature aging and dark spots, but cancer.


The skin is the largest organ of the human body and an important factor in our overall well-being. Beauty and health reflect in our skin. We believe that being confident and happy in your own skin is what beauty is all about. Treat your skin well and it will be an investment for life.

This is why we have made it our mission to protect the skin from all kind of damages. We want to make you feel good in your own skin and while doing so making it much more fun, easy and convenient to care for the skin.


Technology is transforming the cosmetics industry and so do we with our innovative skincare beauty-tech device!

Many people suffer several sunburns each year – sometimes clearly visible, sometimes not, but always with serious consequences for the health. When it comes to sunscreen, decades of research have shown that the reason is not inferior sunscreen, but the way we apply sunscreen. The hand as an applicator is limited. We simply cannot reach all body parts, leave out spots, and apply skincare products unevenly, not in the right amount and frequency. As long as we have to use the hand as an applicator, most of these problems remain.

IONIQ’s innovative Magnetic Skin Technology transforms skincare products into droplets that spread evenly over the skin. With IONIQ One it is finally possible to reach the entire body and full coverage. We reach the finest distribution of skincare products without losing them to the air and without the use of environmentally damaging aerosols – your skin is where the fine skincare droplets get attracted to and not the air. Become IQ and feel good in your own skin.