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It’s your personal skin care consultancy! As your faithful companion in all things skincare, this app will help you to achieve your skincare goals. Get personalised UV weather forecasts, sunscreen application reminders and SPF recommendations, plus all the information and tools you need to make the most of your IONIQ ONE.

Take your IONIQ ONE experience to the next level and enjoy our new skincare companion app.









Always know your stats. Connect your devices to access your IONIQ ONE control dashboard. Always know the battery status and fluid level of your sprayer, re-order cartridges as you need them and be the first to hear about new product launches.



Based on your skin type and the UV forecast for your location, you’ll get personalised skincare recommendations, including SPF recommendations to keep you perfectly protected from the sun.



Train your moves. A spraying simulator helps you learn to use your device to spray like a pro and get perfect results. Medical kinesiology has influenced IONIQ from the very get-go. Regardless your own mobility, IONIQ ONE reaches all your body parts, every time. For perfect results, check out the training instructions. They are super-easy to follow and we won’t tell anybody.

Some nice features for vacation and great information about the skin itself and skincare routines! Also nice to have: Find out your skin type by recommendations!

This app is very easy to use and helped me a lot to figure out what my skin needs and also helped me saving a lot of time with my skincare routine. On vacation it helps me to keep my skin protected wherever I am.

Beautifully designed app with good content and nice skincare recommentations.

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