expected product launch: early 2020

What drives us?

To make you feel good in your own skin!

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Ioniq - About Us

Our Mission

…to revolutionize skincare and make it more fun, easy and convenient to care your skin!

How our idea came to life…

Many years ago, an employee of the Wagner Group in Markdorf Germany - one of the world's leading manufacturers of coating systems - was driven by the idea to develop a skincare spraying device to protect everyone better from sunburn. This was the beginning of our exciting IONIQ journey, Wagner's Corporate Startup, which Dr. Valentin Langen founded and brought to life.


Skin care is part of our everyday life and greatest passion! We love using good skincare products and spending time to treat our body well. Yet, we also know that not everyone finds the time to do so. Common skincare products on the market right now are not efficient and practical enough in their application. For this reason, we want to replace the human hand in the daily beauty routine with our device to achieve better coverage and to make it more fun, easy and convenient to care for your skin.

While efficient and smart spraying of surfaces is already the standard in many industrial sectors, why not finding the perfect technology for the human surface and largest organ, the skin?


The Wagner Group is a pioneer in the field of wet and powder spray coatings. As Wagner’s corporate startup, surrounded by spraying and coating experts, the idea naturally arose to develop a highly innovative technology for the daily care and protection of the skin.

After considering various technologies, the idea was set to develop a connected device and premium skincare products that can be sprayed onto the skin using ion technology. This is how ION-IQ was born to IONIQ. Yet without the use of aerosol!


IONIQ has since gained a very dynamic and international team of experts and is growing steadily. Through the support of the Wagner Group, we have succeeded in developing the IONIQ One sprayer with a highly innovative magnetic like skin technology. Through this technology, our specially developed premium IQ skincare products can be sprayed onto the entire body through a generated attraction between the skin and liquid, even in strong winds.

Currently we are working on finalizing the research and development process of our beauty device and IQ skincare product’s series production. We will launch in 2020 and kick off with our smart IONIQ One skincare device, a digital skincare consultant app and premium body skincare products. Our ambition is to develop further body care products to provide better coverage and a new feel good skin care experiences.