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Find out how we revolutionise skincare. Achieve perfect coverage and protection without sticky hands thanks to our innovative IONIQ ONE spraying device.


IONIQ is futuristic skin-tech at its finest. Experience the unique, brand new technology that takes your skincare to the next level - Fast & Effortless.


Skincare has never been so easy. Apply fake tan, lotion or sunscreen with the touch of a button. No more streaks, sticky hands or uneven distribution.


Learn how to set up and maintain your IONIQ ONE spraying device. Discover tips, tricks and videos for long-lasting at home beauty technology.


Discover our IONIQ App and enjoy individualised skincare experiences. Get personalised recommendations in your IONIQ ONE Companion App.

Our beyond


Beauty Big Bang: IONIQ is the skincare of the future, and we are changing everything. Discover what drives us and find out how we redefine the industry.

About us

Discover how a visionary thought led to the most groundbreaking skincare product of this time. IONIQ ONE - Our beyond goes further!


Experience the new laws of attraction with our groundbreaking IONIQ ONE spraying device. Be prepared for the future of skincare with our unique beauty technology.

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