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The IONIQ Skincare app is your personal skincare advisor. The app assists you on the way to achieving your personal SkinCare goals and helps you to realise the full potential of your IONIQ ONE. With the UV weather forecast, sun protection reminders, spray tutorials or the Control Dashboard, you can personalise your skincare and adapt it to your needs. The IONIQ Skincare app also helps you to get the most out of your IONIQ ONE.

Control Dashboard

Connect your IONIQ ONE Sprayer to your smartphone. This allows you to easily access your Control Dashboard in the IONIQ Skincare app. This gives you an overview of the fill levels inside your IONIQ skincare products and the battery status of your IONIQ ONE.

Individual tutorials

With the help of the spray tutorials, you can achieve a spray result that is perfectly tailored to your needs. You will receive simple and intuitive instructions for every part of the body and every care intensity, making you a professional with your IONIQ ONE.

Personalised consulting

Based on your skin type and the UV forecast for your location, you will receive personalised skincare and SPF recommendations. This means you are ideally cared for and can optimally protect yourself from the sun.








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