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Technical care

Cleaning tips for your IONIQ ONE

Here you will find detailed instructions about how best to clean and look after your IONIQ ONE sprayer, plus helpful tips should you encounter any problems, so you can enjoy a smooth skincare experience.
For immediate help, please take a look at our FAQ.

Cleaning the sprayer with CLEAN:

  • To remove any residue from your IONIQ ONE sprayer, screw in the IONIQ CLEAN cleaning cartridge and spray for 5 seconds into a washbasin or towel.

  • We recommend cleaning the sprayer with the cleaning cartridge once or twice a week and between changing different cosmetic products.

Cleaning the spraypad:

  • Carefully remove the spray pad and clean it thoroughly under running water using a mild soap. You can wipe the nozzles to remove any possible residue.

  • Make sure the spraypad is completely dry before replacing it on the sprayer.

  • Check to ensure your spray pad is fully attached to the sprayer by pressing down on all three nozzles.

  • To complete the cleaning process, once the spray pad is back on, spray for 5 seconds using the CLEAN cartridge.

Cleaning the cartridge adapter:

The cartridge adapter is located on the underside of the IONIQ ONE, which makes it possible to use different products with the sprayer by simply screwing it in. If the cartridge adapter becomes dirty, it can be cleaned as follows:

  • For slight soiling (e.g. cosmetic residue), it is sufficient to wipe it off with a dry tissue.

  • In the case of heavy soiling (e.g. sand), the cartridge adapter can be removed by unscrewing it and cleaning it with water and your fingers.

  • Caution! Allow the cartridge adapter to dry completely, ideally for up to 24 hours, before reinserting it into the sprayer.

To ensure optimal performance from your IONIQ ONE sprayer, we recommend regularly updating the software. These updates can be performed very conveniently via the IONIQ Skincare app. This ensures that your device is always up to date.


Please consult the operating instructions for further information.

Check our user guides for general and product-specific information on optimal use.

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