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Innovative technology born from an idea


The moment of inspiration

"If we have the expertise to achieve flawless coating, surely we could use it to create perfect sun protection."
Born from a moment of inspiration, the visionaries at Wagner in Markdorf, one of the world's leading manufacturers of coating systems, have transferred their leading coating technology into a brand new sector.
And so the idea was born of developing a SkinCare spray that could offer improved protection against sunburn. With this goal in mind, Dr. Valentin Langen founded Wagner's corporate start-up, laying the foundation for IONIQ SkinCare – and the beginning of our exciting journey.


Where tech meets passion

For many of us, SkinCare is both a passion and part of our daily life. We love to spoil ourselves and our skin with quality SkinCare products. We wanted to solve the problem of sticky hands and products that are impractical to apply, requiring more time than we have in our busy lives.

We're changing all of this, creating SkinCare products that are the fastest, easiest, most convenient and most consistent to apply all over the body. How? By replacing your usual application tool – your hand – with our unique spray system.

After all, high-performance, intelligent surface spray technologies have become standard in many industries. So why not develop a method that allows us to use this precision technology for our skin?

IONIQ ONE: the unique all-over SkinCare technology that’s changing self-care as you know it.


IONIQ ONE: Beauty‘s Big Bang

Wagner is a pioneer in the field of wet and powder spray coating and this pioneering spirit was a powerful inspiration to us as a Wagner start-up company. Surrounded by spray and coating experts, our goal was to develop an innovative technology for daily SkinCare and protection.

After a few failed experiments, we finally found the solution: ionic technology. We developed an intelligent device that can spray high-quality SkinCare products onto the skin, completely aerosol-free. We called this breakthrough beauty technology IONIQ.

This was IONIQ's birth. THE ONE.


Exceeding expectations

Today, IONIQ is growing steadily, backed by a dynamic team of international experts. Working with Wagner, we’ve now successfully developed the intelligent IONIQ ONE delivery system. Using the natural magnetism of skin, this technology exceeds all expectations and is set to revolutionise SkinCare routines to an unprecedented degree.

This remarkable technology enables any skin to absorb SkinCare products, by generating attraction between the skin and specially developed IQ SkinCare products. The result: high-quality beauty products which are attracted to the skin and can be sprayed smoothly and evenly all over the body - even in strong winds.

They call it magic, we call it magnetism.


The year SkinCare will be redefined

In 2021, we will present our innovative SkinCare delivery system to the world. IONIQ ONE is set to rewrite the laws of SkinCare. But it doesn’t stop there. With a digital SkinCare service app and premium SkinCare products, regimes will be redefined.

IONIQ ONE: the unique all-over SkinCare technology that’s changing everything.

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