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Healthier skin with SkinTech

Technology is changing the cosmetics industry. We’re part of the revolution, with our innovative SkinCare range and high-tech application system.

Every year, many of us suffer from sun damage without realising it. Even when sunburn isn‘t visible, it can pose serious health risks. So why are we still getting burnt, despite years of research into sun protection? The answer is partly inferior sun protection products. But more importantly, it‘s the way we apply sunscreen with our hands – often incorrectly. The result is often patchy and uneven, and incorrect dosage and frequency do the rest. This means that if we continue to apply sunscreen products with our hands, these problems and the associated risks will persist.

That‘s why we have developed our innovative Magnetic Skin Technology, IONIQ ONE. This transforms SkinCare products into tiny droplets that are automatically and accurately attracted to the skin. There’s no wastage and no environmentally harmful aerosols – just a flawless, even and complete SkinCare result.

With IONIQ ONE, you can finally care for and protect your entire body every day in a flash. It's the key to healthy skin. What's more, by protecting your skin from the sun all year round, you'll reduce the risk of premature ageing, age spots and potentially skin cancer.

Feel good in your skin. With IONIQ ONE.


Glow with beauty

As the largest organ of the human body, the skin contributes significantly to our health. What‘s more, it makes our beauty visible in the first place. Healthy skin can help us feel confident and happy. So taking good care of our skin is more than just a daily to-do – it‘s an investment in ourselves that impacts on our entire life.

We have made it our mission to give you skin that feels great by helping you protect it from all kinds of damage. We’re here to make your SkinCare routine incomparably easy and a complete pleasure.



Macadamia nut oil: Gives your skin an extra dose of care with our high-quality, dermatologically tested macadamia nut oil. It easily penetrates your skin and is absorbed in an instant. With its high water-binding capacity, it not only makes your skin ultra-soft, but also helps to slow down visible signs of ageing.

Feel liberated!


Cold-pressed jojoba oil: Get good vibes from your skin with our cold-pressed jojoba oil. It’s a true wellness treatment, especially for dry and sensitive skin. The cold-pressed jojoba oil helps make your skin silky-smooth and soothes it from the inside, without being greasy. As a natural product with real power, it has a stabilising effect on your skin's protective barrier.

Feel strong and ready for anything!


Aloe vera extract is your vitamin- and nutrient-rich personal assistant for healthy skin. No matter how much life stresses your skin, you can count on aloe vera. It encourages the self-healing of your skin and its vital substances have a regenerative effect, positively influencing the cell renewal of your skin.

Feel empowered and invincible!

Premium SkinCare

All our SkinCare products are vegan, never tested on animals and are manufactured by a highly specialised and qualified partner in Switzerland. Every single ingredient is dermatologically tested for its compatibility and efficacy and comes exclusively from high-quality suppliers.


Treat yourself to the best

Developing our skincare range took a long time, as did sourcing the perfect raw materials and the many rounds of testing. But it was worth it. Now we can offer you an incredibly smart form of SkinCare with our IONIQ ONE system.


The latest research

A study carried out by the Berlin Charité has found that our electrostatic spray method applies sunscreen more effectively, efficiently and evenly than is possible with your own hand. “These results indicate a superior distribution using the spray applicator over the standardised hand application. This demonstrated that the electrostatic spray application is a promising tool to apply the sunscreen more evenly on the skin independent of the user.” *

It’s science – and it‘s the optimal protection your skin deserves.


Skin: your ‘overperformer‘ organ

Our skin’s upper layer, the epidermis, acts like a shield. Every day, it protects us from external threats like cold, heat, UV light, germs, toxins and a multitude of other risks.

Acting as the guardian of our vital bodily functions, skin is the gateway for balance - caring for our immune system while also keeping our moisture levels in check.

But it can only do this by renewing itself every day – getting rid of dead cells and replacing them with fresh ones. It produces new cells within its inner layer in four-week cycles, continuously transporting them to the surface of the skin until they form the new epidermis. Truly an overperformer of an organ!

However, our skin can only do this important job if it is not damaged by external influences. And that’s why we need to protect it, every day, with good care and high-quality products.

SkinCare that set new standards


All of our skincare products undergo rigorous testing procedures at a leading European development laboratory that sets new standards with its pioneering measurement methods. Every single ingredient has been thoroughly researched so that we can guarantee your safety - dermatologically and technologically and even across the most sensitive skin types.

IONIQ ONE. Unleash your skin's full potential.


* © 2020 The Authors. Skin Research and Technology published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd