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IONIQ Skincare system


The patented IONIQ Skincare system combines highly effective cosmetics (“made in Switzerland“) with revolutionary technology. Consisting of the innovative sprayer and a wide range of products, IONIQ Skincare takes your beauty regime to a whole new level. How does it work? We call it Magnetic Skin Technology.

A novel approach to skin care


  • Effortless: Unlike manual skin care applications, the IONIQ Skincare system with Magnetic Skin Technology effortlessly reaches every millimetre of skin, even on your back, without any assistance.

  • Quick: A whole-body application generally takes less than 60 seconds, depending on the product. Just spray, and you're done.

  • Efficient: Almost every single drop of our high-quality cosmetics is used thanks to the wraparound effect, so no precious products are wasted.

  • High-quality: IONIQ combines patented sprayer technology from Germany with premium cosmetics from Switzerland.

  • Safe: The specially formulated droplet size is crucial both for flawless application and for health, as our products cannot be inhaled.

  • Pleasant: No more laborious rubbing in, sticky hands or tickly throat caused by aerosol sprays. Instead, you can enjoy the wonderful feeling of radiant and well-cared for skin.

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Maximum impact only with IONIQ Skincare

Did you know that manual application of skin care products can impair their efficacy and impact? The result (without IONIQ) is uneven application, patchy skin care, and skin with a sticky feel..

The IONIQ system is the solution: it guarantees flawless and effective product application.

Magnetic Skin Technology


Pure physics: negative and positive charges attract. By using Magnetic Skin Technology, electrons are added to the cosmetic product during spraying to create a negative charge. Our skin naturally has a positive charge. As a result, there is an attraction between the skin and the cosmetic product. The myriad of fine product droplets fly towards the skin as if magnetically attracted.

This electrostatic attraction creates a unique "wraparound effect": the product does not just cover the area of skin being sprayed but spreads around this area until the skin is completely coated. This enables an effortless, even application on every part of the body, with no tedious rubbing in or sticky hands.

For perfect results, maintain a gap of one sprayer length (approx. 20 to 40 cm) between skin and sprayer to allow optimal diffusion.

Smart features


The IONIQ Skincare system is not just the newest but also the most intelligent type of skin care. The sprayer automatically detects what product is being sprayed, and makes adjustments accordingly. How smart is that!

The IONIQ Skincare companion app makes it easy to connect the sprayer via Bluetooth. The app displays the exact battery status and product level, and offers personalised cosmetics and application tips.

One Sprayer. Multiple opportunities



The patented sun protection formula develops immediate, invisible UV protection the moment it is applied. Enriched with vitamin E, the sweat and water resistant sunscreen is quickly absorbed into the skin.


IONIQ BODY Glow is a concentrated body serum. It absorbs instantly and makes your skin noticeably softer in just a few seconds. High-quality ingredients such as Macadamia oil and Jojoba oil have a reactivating effect on the skin.


A superior self-tan formula for a natural, healthy complexion all over your body. Enriched with aloe vera extract, this pleasantly fragranced moisturising formula leaves your skin feeling silky soft.

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