No Help needed.

Enjoy the sun and thank me later. Your IONIQ ONE

Light weight Invisible Sun Protection

Immediate UV-shield without sticky hands


Three times more efficient than other spraying applications


Effective sun protection from top to toe

Invisible care for healthy, sun-protected skin all over your body thanks to even application. For all skin types, with UVA/UVB filter and water resistant.

Full body coverage

Even distribution with no rubbing in

Immediate protection

All-over protection

Won’t leave your skin feeling greasy or sticky

IONIQ Skincare's SUN formula is powerful yet gentle on your skin, thanks to an exclusive combination of luxurious oils and vitamin E. Now you can sunbathe while minimising the risk of sunburn, with IONIQ ONE's innovative Magnetic Skin Technology© spray. 

The feather-light, invisible sunscreen mist is automatically attracted to your skin and spreads evenly over your entire body. No rubbing in, no sticky or greasy-feeling skin – just a speedy application process that won‘t leave out a single millimetre of your skin. And all without the use of greenhouse gases or animal testing: IONIQ SUN is vegan. The result? Sweatproof, waterproof protection that sets you free to enjoy the sun.






Feels better than normal sun screen because of the light film.

Easy handling, no need to wait for the product to be absorbed into the skin.

Interesting, no sticky feeling, not as creepy as with sun cream, went quickly, easy to use.