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Screw in the cleaning cartridge.


Press the on/off switch.


Remove the lid.


Initialisation: hold the sprayer over a sink and press down both trigger buttons until all three nozzles are spraying, and the LEDs are permanently lit.


Press the on/off switch.


Unscrew the cleaning cartridge and insert the desired IONIQ product.


Press the on/off switch.


Start applying the product to the body by pressing both trigger buttons.

Do's & don'ts

  1. Always switch off the sprayer before changing the cartridge to make sure any remaining liquid is pumped back into the cartridge from the sprayer.
  2. Keep a sprayer length (roughly 20 - 40 cm) between the sprayer and the skin. This is essential to ensure the jet spray has room to disperse and create perfect results with no blotches or streaks.



  3. Do not rub the product in afterwards by hand. IONIQ Skincare ensures even distribution across the skin without further intervention.
  4. If you are using the spray on someone else, make sure you touch them, for example by placing your hand on their arm. Otherwise, the Magnetic Skin Technology will direct the droplets to your own skin rather than the other person.

The perfect IONIQ ONE skincare routine

Magnetic Skin Technology works very differently to conventional sprays — become an expert in IONIQ spraying.



IONIQ Skincare app

In the IONIQ ONE companion app, you will find personalised tutorials and spraying times according to the type of product and part of the body. You can also check the fill level of your cartridge and keep the software in your IONIQ ONE Sprayer up to date.



Find out more about the IONIQ Skincare app




TAN instructions   SUN instructions   BODY instructions


Please check the application tips in our IONIQ ONE Quick Guide and in the operating instructions.



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